About us

The tower has 5 floors and each of them is unique and constantly changing both inside and out.

Each floor is special with its interior, originality and atmosphere, which is constantly changing. It is possible to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the tower all season long. In the summer season, you can enjoy the view of the city from the outdoor terraces of the tower. Sigulda’s GaismasTornis can also be found on EnterGauja's website.

In the tower of light, it is possible to hold private events, master classes, as well as attend concerts and exhibitions.

Internet is available in the tower for free, password – siasgtom

Filming and photography are allowed throughout the tower.

In general, the name of the company arose in a very interesting way. S stands for Sigulda, G stands for light, T stands for tower and hopefully, towers in the future, O stands for Olga, the owner's mom, and M is the owner's daughter, Madara.

Coffee roasted in Sigulda, Zilveru wine, DABLAB juice, Tea in a pot or cup (green, natural), and Sigulda ice cream for 5 euros each.